A Tangible Difference

When Matt and I first began to look for an organization to serve with back in 2015, we studied more organizations than I can even remember. We looked at what each one does, where they work, why they do what they do, and how they go about making their impact. Finally, we looked into the size of their impact.

As soon as we stumbled onto The Emiliani Project on the Internet, we knew we’d found something special. 3 years and several trips later, I feel the same way. Something special is happening here in Caldas, and I am so excited to be along for the ride.

Today, we primed, painted, and began tiling the laundry facility that will soon serve 160 children at this new home. One thing I love about serving with Emiliani is that I feel we are making a tangible difference in this home. And what a privilege that is!

Colombia is an exceptionally beautiful country. The lush, green jungles and rolling mountains are dotted with colorful homes. In these homes live the kindest people whose personalities are as vibrant as their homes! But as beautiful as this country is, we aren’t here on vacation. Emiliani knows that we’re here to work, and they have been sure to put us to work! That’s another thing I appreciate about this organization God found for us: They prioritize the job that needs to be done over any “vacation.”

Too often, I have seen mission organizations that send their short-term missionaries on as many excursions as they do jobs. As much as we appreciate this wonderful place, we at The TXProject want to spend our time making a tangible difference in the community rather than relaxing and playing. (But that doesn’t mean we don’t have fun along the way!)

As I helped the team install tile on the floor of the laundry facility, I paused to reflect on how grateful I was to be doing what I was doing.

I feel so blessed to be in this amazing country, and even more blessed to be able to make a tangible difference.