Reconnecting with friends!

After a long travel day, we crashed at the Hogar and woke up to friends!  We joined them for church and then played and played! Later that afternoon, we boarded a bus to go up the mountain to the site of the new Hogar under construction. Thank you for your prayers for effective work and healthy bodies.


Have you ever played spoons in Spanish?

Or Color Cubed? It’s a good exercise for colors and numbers…

I’ll make it brief: it’s curfew and we had to say goodnight. And goodbye to some who we will not see tomorrow. We love these kids. And are thankful for God bringing us together again.

Everyone has a job!

It’s a very real illustration of the body of Christ… “If the whole body were an eye, where would be the sense of hearing? If everyone was a Susan, who would bring us snacks?

We are mindful of all of you who are praying for us and supporting us by keeping “normal” going without us. From those leading music to those taking care of our sick dogs. Thank you. We couldn’t be here without you.

Fog and 49 degrees: Good morning!

It’s another beautiful day here in Caldas! God loves variety and we are enjoying being cold… in August. Ok, I’m done trying to make you all jealous back in Tx. We’ve got a lot of painting to do today. It is so fun to paint the walls that we pieced together last year. Please continue your prayers for our team. Everyone is finding their place and a job to do on the job site and in the kitchen too! We are also praying for you all back home as well. All praise and thanks to Jesus for His amazing plans and purposes!