Pano from Across the Valley

After all the hard work today, we took a short walk to the hill behind the property to see what we could see. The sun was coming down, the breeze was wonderful and the building we are working on was lit up by the setting sun. The big building to the left is the cafeteria that we built two years ago. The next building is the dorm we built 3 years ago and the silver building in the middle is the one we are working on now. Finally the two buildings to the right are another dorm/bathroom set of buildings that were built before our time.

Walls and Roof are Up!

The structural members of the walls and roof are now up! This was some back breaking work to get all of this up in two days, but, this means that we can start in on the siding and drywall tomorrow. We are ahead of schedule! More updates to come…

Monday is in the bag!

Look what we accomplished! We put together about 30 framing members and 2 trusses before the rain hit us at about 3pm. All we have left is to put one more truss together and we will start standing up the walls. You will see some serious progress tomorrow. The goal tomorrow will be to get all of the walls up so we can concentrate on the trusses and roof on Wednesday.