What We Completed with the GoFundMe Money

With the funds raised from the GoFundMe campaign (see more about it here) we purchased the materials needed for building the structure of a dormitory style bathroom. This included the steel studs, the exterior wall cladding and the roof decking. By the end of the day on Thursday, we had completed all of the work! We basically made the building ready to have the next wave of construction; electrical, plumbing, insulation, sheet rock on the inside and windows, siding and roofing on the outside.

We could not have done what we did without the financial support of our friends, family and GoFundMe donors. Together we met the challenge of raising the funds to buy the materials, and met our goal in time. Then we took those funds and in 4 days BUILT AN ENTIRE BUILDING! It just makes me smile to say that. Each and every one of you guys can take credit for that!

Thank you all.

Exterior Sheathing is Up!

Well today was another hard day but we got all of the exterior sheathing up. At time this was easy, just hold up a sheet of SPGlass sheathing and screw it to the exterior wall. Sometimes, there is this extreme slope that goes down hundreds and hundreds of yards into a valet below. So, we dug in and “planted” some scaffolding to hold us up so we can get to the heights we needed. Fun times indeed were had atop that scaffolding. We in the end we persevered and we completed all of the exterior sheathing.

Sup Dawgs

There are so many sweet animals that live on the property where we are working! It’s super fun to see how happy these puppies are when all the volunteers are in town – they love having new friends to play with. Every time I see these dogs playing with the other volunteers or relaxing from some good pets, I can’t help but to think of how excited they’ll be to have dozens of children living here full time! They will never be starved for attention! Progress on the home is coming along nicely, and I know that it won’t be too long before these dogs have some new play mates.